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April 1, 2021


Enchou(7:50): Sorry I forgot to inform you, we are going to have a short meeting ‘顔合わせ’at 9. Please come before 9. This is for today. April 1st.

Me(8:10): Are you kidding me? Is it an April fool joke?!

Enchou(8:12): No I’m serious.

Me(8:13): EXCUSE ME?!!

پ.ن: شروع یک روزِ مثلا تعطیل رو می‌بینید لول نمونه‌ای از پیام‌های معمول و روزمرۀ من و رئیس.

Thursday. April 01, 2021. 3:10 P.M
  12 فروردین‌ماه 1400
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