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Haji: While you were sleeping, I walked these streets often. What I enjoyed was the city at night. When the people were fast asleep,I could walk along the streets all night, without aleep,all alone.

Riku: You weren’t scared?

Haji: No… It was a satisfying experience.the feeling of the cobblestones under my feet, the scent of damp air,the noise of distant car horns, and the cries of animals. Those various sounds…even when I could not see you there,could not hear you there,mysteriously, I could still feel you.

And then I found the answer…just as I needed to be at this place at that time,you need something as well,saya,however, you must find it for yourself.

Nevertheless…your chevaliers will always be with you never forget that


Haji: The answer is that we are not the ones who will show her the way…



The cursed blood



Ost: Saya’s Courage

[violon- flute- oboa- guitar]


پ.ن: یکی از اون اپیزودهایی بود که خیلی دوست داشتم هم جای هاجی باشم و هم نباشم.

حس و حالش تاثیر عجیبی روی من گذاشت.



It’s so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
This innocence is brilliant, It Makes you want to cry
This innocence is brilliance Please don’t go away
Cause I need you now
And I’ll hold on to it, Don’t you let it pass you by…

Avril Lavigne


A vampire: Sorry for waking you up when the sun is still up! (lol)

Vampire knight manga

Chapter 57

Page 02


.There are people who are like flowers

And we are helpless to go against that sweetness…


Maiden Rose